Setup my blog finally - Hey World!

Down image to show new begining Hello World! I am finally back again and again after such long and smaller break to blog.

I been into Medium, drafted few on but couldn’t get as motivated as i was on Intelligent computing. I used to be dedicated blogger used to write 1 post a day like ritual and promotes to get views as much as 3000/day.

I am much more exited to start blogging again here at which is much more exiting URL for me.. and yes its all matter.

This blog i will be dedicated for programming related stuff instead tech related which i used to do on Intelligent computing.

I am Sr lead Developer, learning and exploring alot. Currently inclined for javascript frameworks and some DevOps.

Will keep learning, keep sharing and i will promise to make this heven for programmers.

Lets begin!!

Written on May 28, 2020